Could there be a COMPLETELY NEW OZONE METHOD, which would be the simplest, the cheapest and the most effective of all existing Ozone Methods (Home and Clinic) today?

The short answer is ‘YES, and I am going to describe it now in this article. But, please, do not try it on your own initiative without my daily guidance for at least the first month. This newly created ozone method is the BOHC, which means BREATHING OZONE AT HOMEOPATHIC CONCENTRATIONS. I can imagine immediately the reactions of many ozonists when they read the words ‘BREATHING OZONE‘; I see them jumping from their chair and saying, ‘this guy is crazy‘! However, I weigh my words carefully when I say ‘BREATHING OZONE‘! Yes, BREATHING OZONE! These ozonists would shout and say, “you must not breathe ozone, it is very dangerous, and it is fatal“! They got these words from the Bible, so they just repeat them verbatim, without understanding or having a clue of what ozone really is! That have heard that there if a ‘good ozone‘ and a ‘bad ozone‘, namely, the ozone layer in the stratosphere is the ‘good ozone‘ because it plays a crucial role in keeping the planet habitable by absorbing potentially dangerous ultraviolet (UV-B) radiation from the sun, and the ozone, close to the earth’s surface in the troposphere, is referred to as the ‘bad ozone’. But there is no such thing as ‘good ozone‘ and ‘bad ozone‘; OZONE IS OZONE [O3], just like there is no such thing as a ‘good knife‘ and a ‘bad knife‘, all depends on how you want to use it. It can save a life, as it can take a life. The same applies to ozone.

So, can breathing ozone kill you?

It can kill you as it can cure your diseases completely and the most naturally, just like any naturally occurring chemical, for example, kitchen salt (NaCl) can kill you or it can save your life. All depends on the amount and concentration used. All natural chemicals, at (very) small amounts and concentrations are beneficial to the body, let it be snake venom or toadstools. This is the very principle used in homeopathic medicine. So, what is a poison? I refer you to an extract from My Article No.4, viz:

At what dose is a toxin a toxin? A toxin is any synthetic or natural chemical. NB: The threshold for natural chemicals to become toxic is often very high; but this same threshold is much lower for synthetic chemicals. Hereafter, I will talk only about synthetic toxins. These, even being classified as ‘toxins’, they would not kill you in small amounts. So, for a toxin to kill you, the dose must be high for that specific toxin; but it is still a toxin, even at very low doses. Even cyanide (found in apple seeds), at very small amounts will not kill you. So, what makes a poison fatal, is not the poison itself, but its dose.

This applies similarly to ozone, a naturally occurring chemical. Ozone in itself is not fatal, only its concentration can make it fatal, and this is true for whatever the ozone method used (Home or Clinic). So, if we breathe ozone at a high concentration, the lungs will get irritated; and at an even higher concentration, we will suffocate and may die. But if you breathe ozone at very low concentrations, it will respect the body’s capacity to manage natural chemicals, and it will cure chronic diseases in the most natural way possible.

How does the method of BOHC works?

BOHC does not work with static ozone protocols, as they exist today (cf. My Article No.2); it works with the sole dynamic protocol that exists in ozone therapy today, the DPOT (DYNAMIC PROTOCOL OZONE THERAPY). You cannot expect any cure if you perform BOHC without applying the DPOT. Symptoms may subside, you may feel better or more energetic for the day, but your disease will not be cured! For complete cure, you have to combine BOHC with DPOT (cf. My Article No.6).

So, how is the BOHC done in practice?

In practice, in a closed room, you just have to put on your ozone generator, itself supplied with medical grade oxygen of at least 99.9% purity. The concentration of the ozone must never be higher than 10 microgram/milliliter (10 gamma) in any case. You sit or stand next to your generated and you breathe normally. You can carry on with your usual activities. In these circumstances, we are creating a similar ozone environment as it exists naturally, especially during periods of lightings and storms. The BOHC is the most natural way to deliver ozone [O3] (in the form of Oxygen Singlet [O]) to ALL THE CELLS OF YOUR BODY. When the BOHC is used in combination with the DPOT, we can then talk about the true miracle of ozone. Complete details, STEP BY STEP, as to how the BOHC is performed in combination with the DPOT, are given in my book ‘THE DEMISE OF THE EBOO‘.

Why is the BOHC the simplest, the cheapest and the most effective of all existing Ozone Methods (Home and Clinic) today?

First, it is the simplest, because you will just need an ozone generator and a room. Secondly, it is the cheapest, because you will just need to invest in an ozone generator (as low as 70 USD today). Finally, it is the most effective, because it follows natural laws, respect the body’s capacity to manage ozone and when used in combination with the DPOT, it cures all chronic diseases.

Beware! Most patients think that the more an ozone method is complicated and expensive, the more it should be effective! IT’S A DECOY!

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  1. I would thinkyou need an ozone generator and a source of oxygen. Can one use an oxygen concentrator as the source?

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