Ozone has been used for human health since more than 100 years, but not much research has been done on its potential to really cure chronic diseases. Most ozone experts, or pretending to be so, are proposing what we may call static protocols, that is, fixed protocols for each specific ...continue reading
Home Ozone Therapy comprises those Ozone Therapy Methods that the patient can perform him/herself at the comfort of his/her home. Ozone is O3, that is, a molecule of 3 atoms of oxygen together. A Molecule of Ozone The basis of Ozone Therapy, whatever the method used, is to provide Oxygen ...continue reading
Clinic Ozone Therapy methods as practiced in clinics and at some private ozonists consultation. There are ozone therapy methods that patients cannot do at home, because they involve sophisticated devices and skillful manipulations. Here is a list of the main ones: 1. The Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation ; EBOO ...continue reading
Ozone is the very essence (in the form of Oxygen Singlet ) in the cure of chronic diseases: One is the enemy of the other and they cannot coexist together! What is the common root cause of all (chronic) diseases? This common root cause is SYNTHETIC TOXIN! When Man first ...continue reading
Could there be a COMPLETELY NEW OZONE METHOD, which would be the simplest, the cheapest and the most effective of all existing Ozone Methods (Home and Clinic) today? The short answer is ‘YES, and I am going to describe it now in this article. But, please, do not try it ...continue reading
‘Herx’ is short for ‘Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction’. Herx is the element which is the most misunderstood by supposedly ‘expert ozonists’. Many of them think that the Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction is limited to ‘a sudden and typically transient reaction that may occur within 24 hours of being administered antibiotics for an infection by a spirochete, including syphilis, leptospirosis, Lyme ...continue reading
Ozone is the MASTER HEALER of the body. But does that mean that Ozone can cure all chronic diseases completely? Ozone can indeed cure all chronic diseases completely, but this is possible solely with ‘THE PROFESSIONAL CURE-ALL DESLUDGIFICATION PROTOCOL’ (PCADP) – (cf. My Articles No.5 and No.6). When using this protocol, ...continue reading
Someone said: “Ozone can treat everything, but cures nothing! ” This is no longer true! Indeed, ozone, properly used, can cure all chronic diseases completely, but this is possible solely with ‘THE PROFESSIONAL CURE-ALL DESLUDGIFICATION PROTOCOL‘ (PCADP) – (cf. My Articles No.5, No.6 and No.7). However, in addition to the ...continue reading
Many think that Ozone, as a stand-alone therapy, is the panacea to cure all chronic diseases. Unfortunately, this is not true… COMING SOON! ...continue reading
Up to now, Ozonists are using solely static ozone therapy protocols. Unfortunately, this practice is going-on for years without any improvement…. COMING SOON! ...continue reading