Someone said: “Ozone can treat everything, but cures nothing! ” This is no longer true!

Indeed, ozone, properly used, can cure all chronic diseases completely, but this is possible solely with ‘THE PROFESSIONAL CURE-ALL DESLUDGIFICATION PROTOCOL‘ (PCADP) – (cf. My Articles No.5, No.6 and No.7). However, in addition to the PCADP, if one wishes permanent cure of all chronic diseases, the PCADP must be combined with the following 5 elements (complete details of which are given in my book ‘THE BODY WAS DESIGNED TO CURE ITSELF FROM ALL DISEASES‘, available on Amazon:

The 6 Healing Elements of the Body

(i) 100% NATURAL & 100% ORGANIC NON-PROCESSED FOOD [as much as this is practicable in said Civilized Societies];

(ii) SUN THERAPY [this is just being exposed 20 minutes of direct mid-day sunlight];

(iii) Consumption of the best water which is SPRING WATER

(iv) HEALING ENERGY [this is the most natural energy available in the whole universe]; and

(v) PHYSICAL EXERCISE [the best being swimming, on average 1 hour, 3 times a week].

Ozone is the MASTER HEALER of the body, but without these 5 healing elements mentioned above, the physical body will remain unstable and prone to develop diseases anew on a continuous basis. These 5 healing elements continuously clean up the body from all previous toxins accumulated into the body over years, plus the toxins that get into the body on an everyday basis.

So, can ozone be a stand-alone therapy?

Yes, ozone can be a stand-alone therapy, but chronic diseases, even treated will the PCADP, will take much longer to get cured completely than PCADP combined with the 5 healing elements above. In addition, when these 5 healing elements are combined with the PCADP, not only there is complete cure, but there is also permanent cure!

What are the details of these 5 elements that provide permanent cure?

These 5 elements are discussed in simple terms in my book ‘THE BODY BAS DESIGNED TO CURE ITSELF FROM ALL DISEASES‘, except the fourth element ‘HEALING ENERGY‘, which is described only briefly in the book. The element ‘HEALING ENERGY‘ deserves a whole of one of my future articles (cf. My Article No.16: Ozone Therapy combined with Healing Energy). This subject matter is extensively explored in my book ‘THE OZONE BIBLE: THE DEMISE OF THE EBOO‘.

The Ozone Bible (Volume 1)

However, I am hereafter providing a brief overview of what it is and of what it can do!

What is ‘HEALING ENERGY’ and what can it do?

When we talk about HEALING ENERGY in human health context, we are not at all talking about caloric energy, which we obtain from food. It is a completely different energy! And this energy is omnipresent throughout the whole universe. It is an omnipotent energy that, among other things, heals any living species, including plants. This energy can heal a wound of a living person but not the wound of a dead person. We can deduce, without being mistaken, that man possesses not just a physical body, but at least also an energetic body, not visible to the human eyes. This energy gets into the human body, more especially when the latter sleeps. This energy flows throughout the body through what in the practice of acupuncture is called energetic meridians. The meridians are linked to what is called the chakras; there are 7 main ones of these. In addition to these 7 chakras, which we may call the main energy centres of the body, there is also the Supreme Energy Connection between the universal energetic pool and the energetic body. This Supreme Energy Connection is in the human body at the site where the Pituitary Gland is located (the famous omnipotent ‘Third Eye‘). This energy is one supreme element, which participates in the healing of the body.

Ozone Therapy combined with Healing Energy


Healing Energy & Ozone Therapy are each one element of the 6 healing elements of the body. Use concomitantly as per the right protocol, they are extremely powerful in potentiating each other’s healing potentials, not only for the physical health of the body, but also for the ‘Awakening of the Third Eye‘! This Supreme Healing Protocol (SHP) is a combination of the PCADP with the Focused Healing Energy Protocol (FHEP). The SHP and the FHEP are discussed further in My Article No.16 and, more particularly, in my book ‘THE OZONE BIBLE: THE DEMISE OF THE EBOO‘.

Miss Ozone has still much more to say about her Miraculous Potentials!

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