Clinic Ozone Therapy methods as practiced in clinics and at some private ozonists consultation. There are ozone therapy methods that patients cannot do at home, because they involve sophisticated devices and skillful manipulations.

Here is a list of the main ones:

1. The Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation [EBOO];

EBOO Machine
EBOO Device [Click on image to enlarge]

2. The 10-Pass [10-P], also called the Ozone High-Dose Therapy [OHT];

Ten Pass Machine
Ten Pass Device [Click on image to enlarge]

3. The Major Autohemotherapy [MAH];

MAH [Click on image to enlarge]

4. The Ozone Sauna Capsule [OSC];

OSC [Click on image to enlarge]

5. Local injections of ozone in or around body lesions; and

Local Injection [Click on image to enlarge]

6. Several other variations of the above…

What are these different Clinic Ozone Therapies for?

In short, they are just to rob the patients of their monies! This is the greatest ever scam of Ozone Therapy! With regards to clinic ozone methods numbers 1 to 3 mentioned above, these were invented and developed by relatively recent practitioners of Ozone Therapy, with the pretense of modernizing the therapy. These ozonists, lacking basic medical knowledge, have developed these devices, to supposedly restore health faster and with better results. But this is just a huge illusion. And, in doing so, they are spoiling the real reputation of Miss Ozone!

Devices like EBOO, Ten-Pass, MAH, etc. are just illusions, because they do not take into consideration the body’s capacity with regards to the extent it can manage chemical substances! My book ‘THE DEMISE OF THE EBOO’ provides all the details with regards to this. Patients, in general, are conditioned to think that the more expensive something is, the more effective it is! And they would spend huge sums of money on such ozone therapy methods, but results are not better, the opposite, these ozone therapy methods are risky because, not only they do not constitute natural ways of delivering ozone to the body, but also, they provide false hope for patients, who think that they will get better faster. In fact, while they are wasting their time (and money) on these ozone methods, the diseases they are suffering from are getting worse, even if symptoms may subside for a while.

Why are EBOO, 10-Pass, MAH… a scam?

The short answer is simply because, not taking into consideration the body’s capacity to manage chemicals, they constitute a real danger to the body, which gets hurt badly [cf. My Article No.2]. In fact, the speed at which the ozone gets into the body is the most important aspect of ozone therapy. Together with speed, we have also the concentration of the ozone used and the frequency at which the ozone sessions are practiced.

So, why is SPEED so important? Many today’s ozonists think that the more the speed you put the ozone into the body is high, the highest the concentration of the ozone is (without being ‘toxic’) and the more frequently you put the ozone into the body, the better it is, and the patient will get better faster! The human body does not work in this way! The human body, just like any machine, has a well-defined capacity (with an upper limit) in managing chemical substances (including ozone). This capacity is more or less the same for every individual, but can vary largely from individual to individual, depending on the genetic constitution of the person. This capacity cannot be increased by forcing chemical into the body. An analogy to this would be that you cannot make a lift come faster to your floor by pressing several times on the button.

So, what happens when using EBOO, 10-Pass, MAH…?

These methods force the body with speed, concentrations and, at times (if you have money!), frequency, and the body gets hurt, because it is above its natural capacity, even without being ‘toxic’. An analogy would be to ride a car faster than the maximum speed indicated on the speedometer. Ozone Therapy works optimally when you respect the natural capacity of the body. Finally, the body gets hurt, and becomes more involved in protecting itself from the ‘ozone aggression’ than in getting the body cured; this is a natural priority of the body, to survive by protecting itself first!

I have read from one website the principle based on which these devices are supposed to work; here is an extract: “this…newer technology makes it possible to deliver about 30 times as much ozone in about the same amount of time.” It is a competition with regards to the concentration of ozone used. And here is the danger! The body gets hurts so badly (without being toxic!) with these devices that it has to ‘work hard’, not to cure itself as expected, but to protect itself from this massive ozone aggression. This is the very reason why, with these devices, there is little or no Jarisch-Herxheimer Reactions [JHR], bearing in mind that no JHR means no cure! Details of JHR, what they really are, are given in My Article No.6. These devices are thus just good for the bin, and real hope for patients starts at this point.

What about the Ozone Sauna Capsule [OSC]?

Ozone Sauna generally is good with the condition that you respect the body’s capacity to manage chemicals. However, The Ozone Sauna Capsule brings nothing more that the simplest Home Ozone Sauna.

Home Ozone Sauna [Click on image to enlarge]

The former is just to make money! It is to be noted that the BOHC [cf. My Article No.2], making use of the Dynamic Protocol Ozone Therapy [DPOT], is still better than Ozone Sauna and, you get full details about this in my book: THE DEMISE OF THE EBOO.

What about the Local Injection of Ozone?

Local Injection of Ozone, when properly done by MD-Practitioners, are excellent. However, it does not constitute a natural way to deliver Ozone to the lesions; and to cure these lesions, these injections must be repeated at least several times a day; otherwise, they will only have the advantage of alleviating the symptoms for a certain time.

Clinic Ozone Therapy is a complete misuse of Miss Ozone!

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