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Visit Our Branch in Mauritius

2/4 Coriolis street, Quatre Bornes. 72107

Steps to Follow if You Decide to Visit Our Branch in Mauritius

Welcome to Our 'New Era Medicines' Centre in Mauritius!

Once the decision has been taken to visit our AlloAyurCure Centre in Mauritius with regards to your health situation or for any other reason, you inform us on and we shall take care of all the formalities.

You send us a copy of your passport and of those who would be accompanying you on our email. We inform us too of your date of arrival and that of your departure.

We will then prepare for you and for those you will be accompanying you the corresponding Invitation Letters to Mauritius. 

Once you have bought your Air-Ticket, you send us a copy of it on our email. Note that the Air-Ticket must be compulsorily a 2-way Air-Ticket.

We will then book the necessary accommodation in Mauritius for you as per your recommendations (Hotel, Bungalow, etc.).

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    Mauritius 4

On arrival day, our local representative will fetch you at the airport and take you to your hotel, where you and those accompanying you would take a rest until the next day.

The day after your arrival, we will meet you at our AlloAyurCure Centre to decide your Treatment Protocol while you will be in Mauritius, including Stress Management practices like Psychoanalysis, Yoga, Mantra, etc.

During the whole period of your stay in Mauritius, we will make it a must for you and for those accompanying you to have a most pleasant time as possible, while pursuing your treatment.

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