Home Ozone Therapy comprises those Ozone Therapy Methods that the patient can perform him/herself at the comfort of his/her home. Ozone is O3, that is, a molecule of 3 atoms of oxygen together.

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A Molecule of Ozone [Click on image to enlarge]

The basis of Ozone Therapy, whatever the method used, is to provide Oxygen Singlet [O] to the body, and the best way to provide Oxygen Singlet to the body is via an Ozone Generator, itself fed with Medical Oxygen [O2] Grade with a purity of at least 99.9%. There are different methods used to bring Oxygen Singlet to the body, some of which, you can perform yourself at your home but for some other methods, these can be performed only at ozone clinics and at the cabinet of some private ozone practitioners. In this present article, I will be talking about HOME OZONE THERAPY only. For Clinic Ozone Therapy, this will be dealt with in my next article entitled ‘CLINIC OZONE THERAPY’.

What are the main Home Ozone Therapy Methods?

There are several of them, namely:

1. Drinking Ozonated Water [DOW];

2. Rectal Insufflation [RI] of ozone;

3. Vaginal Insufflation [VI] of ozone;

4. Bladder Insufflation [BI] of ozone;

5. Ear Insufflation [EI] of ozone;

6. Cupping with ozone [CO];

7. Home Ozone Sauna [HOS];

8. Scalp Insufflation [SI] of ozone;

9. Bagging with Ozone [BO] for legs, arms, whole body, etc.;

10. Breathing Ozonated Oil [BOO];

11. A First Completely New Method: Umbilical Insufflation [UI] of ozone;

12. A Second Completely New Method: Home Hyperbaric Ozone [HHO] ; and

13. A Third Completely New Method [BOHC], details in my book ‘THE DEMISE OF THE EBOO’.

Which one of these methods is the best?

In fact, all of these ozone therapy methods follow static protocols, except the last 3 ones (cf. My Article No.1 to obtain details about static versus dynamic protocols). Is there a best method among these static protocols? The answer is ‘NO‘. It is not the method itself, which is the most important, but the way the method is being used and for which ailments. In fact, what is the most important is to bring the ozone, in the form of Oxygen Singlet [O], the closest possible to the body lesions and at the right speed, concentration and frequency. In fact, SPEED is a new aspect used in Ozone Therapy, and is the most important aspect in curing chronic diseases.

Why is SPEED so important?

By speed, I mean the speed at which the ozone gets into the body. Many today’s ozonists think that the more the speed you put the ozone into the body is high, the highest the concentration of the ozone is (without being ‘toxic’) and the more frequently you put the ozone into the body, the better it is, and the patient will get better faster! This is the biggest illusion in Ozone Therapy! The human body does not work in this way! The human body, just like any machine, has a well-defined capacity (with an upper limit) in managing chemical substances (including ozone). This capacity is more or less the same for every individual, but can vary largely from individual to individual, depending on the genetic constitution of the person. This capacity cannot be increased by forcing chemical into the body. It is like you cannot make a lift come faster to your floor by pressing several times on the button.

So, what happens when you force on speed, concentration and frequency?

When you force the body with speed, concentrations and frequency, the body gets hurt, because it is above its natural capacity, even without being ‘toxic’. An analogy would be to ride a car faster than the maximum speed indicated on the speedometer. Ozone Therapy works optimally when you respect the natural capacity of the body.

What about then, these home ozone methods mentioned above?

With regards to the ozone therapy methods numbers 1 to 10 mentioned above, most ozonists today use Static Protocol Ozone Therapies (SPOT) and, unsurprisingly, force on them without being aware as to how the body works. Finally, the body gets hurt, and becomes more involved in protecting itself from the ‘ozone aggression‘ than in getting the body cured.

And, with regards to the ozone therapy methods numbers 11 to 13 mentioned above, they make use solely of the DPOT (Dynamic Protocol Ozone Therapy), and so, respect the body’s natural capacity. In these conditions, the body repairs itself in the best optimum conditions.

This is how Miss Ozone works!

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