Intro To The World of Cancer

Introduction To The World of Cancer

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The aim of this website is not especially to try to convince you of whatever it may be; for example, to make you think that we have discovered the 'miraculous' treatment for cancers, and that we are thus going to cure you of your cancer as one gets cured of influenza.

Doctor RAMBARUN Maha Prakash, who is of Indian origin and who completed his medical studies in Paris in the 80's, and who, since then, has been greatly interested in oncology, is very well placed to talk about that (and in the most strictly Cartesian way possible). For, if he is an adept of allopathic medicine (which refers to the commonly used medicine in Western countries), he has subsequently come to also master the traditional medicine of India (or Ayurvedic medicine) since 2003. 

His efforts were not limited only to master these two subjects in parallel, but especially to dynamically comparing them in order to draw as honestly as possible, and as impartial as possible, the necessary conclusions, more particularly, with regards to therapeutic approaches in oncology. 

One conclusion that summarizes his actions and that keeps coming to his lips is: 'If nature has created a problem, nature itself finds the solution.' (see our pages 'EVOLUTION AND DISEASES' and 'METHODOLOGY'). 

This website goes directly to the point and avoids unnecessary waffle. Tête-à-tête interview remains the favored method of Dr Rambarun (see our page 'CONTACT US!'). 

Needless to say that, at no time, Western carcinogenic industry, in the way it worked and still works today, is ready to support our therapeutic approaches to fight cancer. This is because it is too prosperous to date to risk the slightest risk, 'Do not kill the goose that lays golden eggs!'

Introduction To The World of Cancer

Testimony of a case said to be unexplained by Western Medicine

An example of healing (said to be 'unexplained' by allopathic medicine) is that of the former patient of Professor Tomas Tursz, renowned oncologist, researcher and director of the Institut Gustave-Roussy in Villejuif, France, until 2010. This former patient, Mrs Marinella Banfi, was diagnosed with breast cancer with multiple metastases. After having visited six cancer services in France to try to cure, in vain, her cancer, she finally decided to head to India to be treated with Ayurvedic medicine. She was thus taken over by Ayurvedic medicine and was completely cured

So, she came back to France after her complete recovery and decided to go to meet Professor Thomas Tursz. The latter fell off his chair on seeing this ghost, whom he thought should have been six feet under since long! 

Thereafter, Professor Thomas Tursz, who is an avid researcher and a broadminded person, took the decision to go to India with his former patient to note with his own eyes this 'unexplained' phenomenon! Professor Thomas Tursz then discovered for the first time Ayurvedic therapies. He even took many product samples used in Ayurvedic medicine and came back to France to have them analyzed. And from there, we lost track of him. 

Here are links to the 6 parts of the film, entitled 'My Indian Doctor' ('Mein Indischer Doktor') and broadcasted on French Arte Channel on June 6, 2013, showing Professor Thomas Tursz with his former patient in India.

The film is in German, and partly in French & English:


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