Ozone [03] is the very essence (in the form of Oxygen Singlet [O]) in the cure of chronic diseases: One is the enemy of the other and they cannot coexist together!

What is the common root cause of all (chronic) diseases?

This common root cause is SYNTHETIC TOXIN! When Man first walked on this planet, there were ZERO SYNTHETIC TOXINS around. But gradually, Man considering himself the most superior species on earth (even superior to Mother Nature), began to perform all sorts of ‘scientific’ research, including chemical research, and the by-products of the said chemical research are the very synthetic toxins, we are talking about.

What are TOXINS?

Broadly speaking, all chemicals that did not exist on this planet when Man first inhabited it, are synthetic toxins. Everything in the universe is just chemicals, but there are natural chemicals and synthetic chemicals. On earth, all chemicals at the origin were only natural, like in the reste of the universe. But when Man, the said superior species, brought ‘civilization’ through scientific research, the world became infested with synthetic chemicals. And today, we are surrounded with at least 80,000 of such synthetic chemicals; and all of them are toxins. Nowadays, the worse of them are PESTICIDES, COSMETICS and CLEANING PRODUCTS! They are toxic to the human body (and to all other species on earth, including plants).

What makes a toxin a toxin?

Toxins are poisons! When Man first walked on earth, its body was not genetically constituted to fight such a big amount of 80,000 different synthetic toxins. It was naturally constituted to fight microorganism, and its main weapon for this was its immune system (in other words, its ‘soldiers’). The immune system is extremely powerful to fight the microorganisms but was not naturally constituted to fight and eliminate synthetic toxins, because these were inexistent when Man inhabited the earth for the first time. Thus, the body’s ‘soldiers’ are specialists in the fight against microorganisms, but not in the fight against toxins. Despite this, these body ‘soldiers’, having taking oath to protect the body in every circumstance, would do their utmost to fight these 80,000 different synthetic toxins. Can they do that 100% effectively? The answer is ‘NO‘!

So, what happens then? The body’s ‘soldiers’ do their best, but in doing so, they become, against their own will, the perpetrators of autoimmune diseases. Nowadays, as there are more and more synthetic toxins around us, there are more and more autoimmune diseases; more than a 100 of them, as of today. Autoimmune diseases are created when the very body’s ‘soldiers’ try to eliminate these synthetic toxins (which are very small molecules and which have gotten INTO the cells of the body), because for the body’s ‘soldiers’ to eliminate these synthetic toxins, they have to eliminate the very cells ‘storing’ them. This results in inflammation and autoimmune disease. The reasoning behind can be explained in the form of an analogy: “To eliminate the robbers who are hiding in the bank with hostages, let us destroy the bank itself!”

Very strange that allopathic medicine, up to now, does not know the etiology (cause) of autoimmune disease. For allopathic medicine, the reasoning is: The body’s ‘soldiers’ have become crazy and are destroying their own host. This is far from being the reality! And, if you eliminate these very synthetic toxins from the cells (by our 2-Weeks Professional Detoxification Protocol combined with Ozone Therapy), the body’s ‘soldiers’ would no longer have any reason to attack and destroy the infested cells. The person is then cured from the chronic disease.

Why cannot the human body eliminate synthetic chemicals naturally?

The answer is simply because synthetic toxins have invaded our planet at such a rate, particularly over the past 50 years, that the pace of natural evolution could not rival it.

At what dose is a toxin a toxin?

A toxin is any synthetic or natural chemical. NB: The threshold for natural chemicals to become toxic is often very high; but this same threshold is much lower for synthetic chemicals. Hereafter, I will talk only about synthetic toxins. These, even being classified as a ‘toxin’, it would not kill you in small amounts. So, for a toxin to kill you, the dose must be high for that specific toxin; but it is still a toxin, even at very low doses. Even cyanide (found in apple seeds), at very small amounts will not kill you. So, what makes a poison fatal, is not the poison itself, but its dose.

Toxins get into your body every day (let’s say for the last 50 years) and you would say “But I am still alive! ” Yes, you are still alive because the body is the most fabulous machine ever created. You are still alive, but toxins have invaded every cell of your body, and the latter is still surviving. The body can be compared to a chimney, which accumulates soot deposits on its walls for years until the chimney no longer draws. At this point, you will have to sweep it, otherwise it will intoxicate the building. The same applies to the body, it accumulates toxins in its cells, until the body develops authentic diseases (cancers, diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer, skin diseases, etc.), which allopathic medicine try to treat with additional synthetic chemicals. This becomes a downward spiral… to 6 feet underground.

Why do chronic diseases exist?

Chronic Diseases exist because of the sole fault of allopathic medicine! That looks very surprising; however, it is really the case! At the onset of a disease, allopathic medicine will mask the symptoms only (with synthetic drugs on top of that) but will take no care at all of the root cause of the disease. When the symptoms are masked, does the disease become dormant or does it continue to get worse? You do not need a PhD to deduce that the disease continues to get worse over the years, hence becoming chronic…and, pharmaceutical industries are making trillions of dollars every day with synthetic drugs.

The body heals itself!

When a disease is cured; it is never the doctor who has cured it, it is always the body itself! Mother Nation offered the body with the natural ability to cure itself from all chronic illnesses. However, we need to provide the body with the necessary ingredients to cure itself. My research is based on what the body needs to cure itself; it is not me who cures, but the body itself (cf. my book on Amazon, entitled ‘THE BODY WAS DESIGNED TO CURE ITSELF FROM ALL DISEASES‘, where ALL the elements the body needs to cure itself are given in a specific protocol. Therefore, we can say, without being mistaken, that no doctor, since Man first ever existed on this planet, has even cured any human being, because, in ALL CASES, only the body has the ability to do that.

What is there for ozone in all this?

A chimney sweep sweeps a chimney, and ozone ‘sweeps the body’! Ozone, correctly used, with the specific Dynamic Protocol Ozone Therapy [DPOT] (cf. My Article No.2), is the body’s ‘Karcher’ cleanser, when it is used in combination with the appropriate organic diet and the 4 other healing elements of the body, as described in my book ‘THE BODY WAS DESIGNED TO CURE ITSELF FROM ALL DISEASES‘.

The ‘civilized’ body has become a cesspit and the true master to detoxify it, is the body itself, not the doctor!

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