The Cares We Offer

The Cares We Offer

The Cares We Offer1

The cares offered by our team are Holistic and complete

Here is a NON-EXHAUSTIVE list of the cares offered during your complete stay in Mauritius:

    • As from your first contact with us, we shall ask you for a report of the status of your cancer;
    • Dr Rambarun MP, who is of Indian origin and who completed his medical studies in Paris (see our page 'ABOUT US') shall study your medical reports and your various analyses in French, English, German, Russian, Hindi and Chinese;
    • Translation of your documents, medical reports, etc. from one language into another;
    • We guide you to decide whether it would be better for you to pursue your treatment in Mauritius;
    • We take care of your visa for Mauritius;
    • We prepare you for your departure from your country;
    • We pick you up at the airport in Mauritius;
    • We offer the service of an interpreter;
    • We take care of all your administrative acts and offer supports;
    • We ensure the well-being of your family and / or friends accompanying you (looking for the most suitable hotels, tours, etc.);
    • We guarantee medical cares by leading Ayurvedic physicians and / or allopathic;
    • We guarantee the most suitable medication whatever the type of therapy chosen;
    • We guarantee the more effective holistic therapeutic care;
    • We guarantee you the most suitable social and psychological support adapted to your case;
    • We guarantee the most scrupulously medical and paramedical follow-up;
    • We ensure, if necessary, a psychoanalytic care;
    • We ensure maintaining a line of communication with your local physicians; this is done only with your consent;
    • We ensure communication of your health state with your family in your country; and
    • We guarantee maximally discounted costs.

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