Ozone [O3] has been used for human health since more than 100 years, but not much research has been done on its potential to really cure chronic diseases.

Most ozone experts, or pretending to be so, are proposing what we may call static protocols, that is, fixed protocols for each specific method of Ozone Therapy. Unfortunately, with patients, who are differently genetically constituted and suffering from different stages of diseases, these protocols may relieve symptoms for a while, but the root cause of the disease remains intact.

Why is this so?

Well, when Ozone was first discovered for medical use, the enthusiasm of the new ozonists (who were mostly MD practitioners) was such that treatment protocols began to develop, with the first protocols becoming unshakable. Other Ozonists coming afterwards, just took for granted the existing protocols and built up upon them, ‘improving’ them and proposing ‘better’ protocols for ‘better’ results. Unfortunately, there were no better results with these protocols, which anyway remained static. And over the years, with Ozone Therapy being rejected as a practice of allopathic medicine, and considered as being part of naturopathic medicine, non-MD Practitioners Ozonists began to bloom like mushrooms all over the world. And the majority of these non-MD Practitioners Ozonists lacked even basic medical knowledge. But, very quickly, they built themselves as ‘experts’ in Ozone Therapy and started to provide ‘expert’ opinions and treatments to patients, via mostly social media groups.

Where is the issue you would say?

The issue is that, lacking (basic) medical knowledge, most of these non-MD Practitioners associate the human body as a chemical lab, just like a mass of meat, where chemical substances must ‘compete with each other for success’; thus providing improvement to the body. So, looking from another angle, the issue is that the body is far from being a chemical lab, instead all living species (including plants) are endowed with higher intelligence and consciousness.

Who is the true healer?

The true healer is the body itself, not ozone or any other chemicals. Ozone is just one of the healing elements that the body needs to cure itself. One can safely say that since Man has been on earth for the first time, no doctor, or whoever else, has ever cured the human body, because the body itself is the true healer. This is a gift from Mother Nature. We just need to provide the body with what it needs, and the latter will do the rest to cure itself to perfection, which no man-made therapy can ever do.

Where is then the Ozone Miracle?

Today, as Ozone Therapy is practiced, there is no true miracles. Successes of ozone therapy, as it is practiced nowadays, are mainly against infections, against pain and the like. In some cases, chronic diseases are cured by the most truly knowledgeable and observant ozonists. There are only very rare testimonials of these. But can ozone really cure all chronic diseases? The short answer is ‘YES‘! However, as it is practiced today by the said expert ozonists (lacking medical knowledge, more particularly, in anatomy and biochemistry), we are far from the ‘panacea’ therapy of which ozone could deserve the title.

What has made things worse is that the present practitioners of Ozone Therapy, willing to copy allopathic medicine, and so, definitely willing to modernize the therapy, have developed several types of apparatus, pretending to bring faster and better results. But this is just a huge illusion. Devices like EBOO, Ten-Pass, MAH, etc. are just illusions! My book ‘THE DEMISE OF THE EBOO’ provides all the details with regards to this. Patients, in general, are conditioned to think that the more expensive something is, the more effective it is! And they would spend huge sums of money on such ozone therapies, but results are not better, the opposite, these ozone therapy methods are risky because they do not constitute natural ways of delivering ozone to the body.

Could there be a True Ozone Miracle?

Yes, there could! However, there are several conditions to this:

    1. Ozone is not a stand-alone therapy to cure all chronic diseases. It should be used with the other main healing elements of the body; there are 6 of them in all; ozone being the MASTER HEALING ELEMENT. Details of which are in my book: THE BODY WAS DESIGNED TO CURE ITSELF FROM ALL DISEASES, available on amazon.

    2. Ozone Therapy protocols MUST BE TAILOR-MADE to each patient; no static protocols would work to cure chronic diseases. The only protocol that could cure all chronic diseases must be a dynamic protocol, the DYNAMIC PROTOCOL OZONE THERAPY (DPOT); complete details of which are given in my book ‘THE DEMISE OF THE EBOO’.

    This is the true story of Ozone!

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    How can I order your book, The demise of Eboo, and how much does it cost ?

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