Which Guarantees

Which Guarantees (for Cancer)?

Which Guarantees1


  • Ayurveda is recognized as a medicine in its own right by the WHO, but not by all countries (in France, it is still not recognized).
  • Ayurveda has spread around the world, not always satisfactorily (commercial drift ...) and the Indian government is working to set up a kind of quality mark for universities and training centres worthy of this name.
  • In London and the US, in particular, there are Ayurvedic universities.
  • An Ayurvedic hospital is often a multi-purpose venue comprising the actual hospital, medical university, a garden of Ayurvedic plants and an Ayurvedic medicines factory.
  • The hospital itself manufactures its medicines and its Ayurvedic preparations, always of natural origin (plants, tree bark, stones, clay, etc.) and the manufacturing is made in compliance with the well-being of the environment and human beings.
  • To foster links between allopathic medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, any Ayurvedic hospital has an allopathic department and any allopathic hospital has an Ayurvedic department.
  • Recently, the Indian government has created a new Ministry AYUSHAyurveda, Yoga, Unani (ancient medicine of Iran), Siddha Yoga (mantras therapy and meditation), Homeopathy.

Is there, in all cases, a guarantee of complete cure?

A guarantee of complete cure IN ALL CASES! NO!

On the other hand, there are, in all cases combined together, a much larger (10 to 50 times more, depending on the cancer and its stage) guarantee of complete cure with Ayurvedic medicine, whether or not associated with allopathic medicine, than solely with allopathic medicine! (see our page 'COMPARATIVE STATISTICS').

Our Guarantees at 100%

If our team cannot guarantee a complete cure in all cases; on the other hands, it can provide you a 100% guarantee of the following points, among others (see complete list at our page 'THE CARES OFFERED BY OUR TEAM'):

    • Cares and supervision by the best Ayurvedic doctors and / or allopathic;
    • The most suitable medication whatever the type of therapy chosen;
    • The more effective holistic therapeutic care;
    • The most scrupulously medical and paramedical follow-up;
    • The most suitable social and psychological support adapted to your case;
    • Taking care of all your administrative burden and offer supports; and
    • Maximally discounted costs for the complete sets of cares offered to you and to your family.

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